Domestic Abuse Helpline

24 hour domestic abuse helpline

16 Days Of Action to Raise Awareness of Domestic Abuse

This year our 16 days campaign across Bedfordshire will be different because of Covid 19, but you can still find out more about what is planned and how you can raise awareness of domestic abuse.

International Men's Day 19th November

For more details, click below

  • Male Victims
  • Men's Mental Health

Online Abuse 20th November

Find out more about how you can protect yourself

DA & Mental Health 21st November

What is the impact of DA on mental health?

Domestic Abuse & People with Disabilities 22 November

People who are abusive 23rd November

Find out where to find non judgemental support to address your abusive behaviour

Domestic Abuse & LGBTQ+ people 24 November

Find out about national support available to you

End Violence Against Women & Girls 25 November

Luton All Women's Centre and the history of 16 Days.

Rape & Sexual Assault 26 November

What sexual assault is and where local & national support can be found

Forced Marriage & 'Honour' Based Abuse 27 Nov

What is HBA and where can help be found, locally & nationally

FGM & Harmful Practices 28 Nov

FGM and Harmful Practices used to subjugate women and girls

Elder Abuse 29 Nov

How older people can be the hidden victims of domestic abuse

Children & domestic abuse 30 Nov

Young People & Unhealthy Relationships 1st Dec

Domestic Abuse & Families 2nd Dec

  • Child to Parent Abuse/Violence
  • 'Honour' Based Abuse


Domestic Abuse & Housing 3rd Dec


  • What support is available?
  • Who to speak to?

Domestic Abuse & Work 4 Dec


  • Support for employees
  • Support for employers

Economic Abuse 5 Dec

  • What it is
  • Where to get help

Domestic Abuse is everyone's business 6 Dec

What can you do?

DA & Family Court 7 Dec

  • Information on support services that you can contact

Sexual Abuse 8 Dec

  • Find out where you can get help

Coercive Control 9 Dec

  • What is coercive control?