Job Opportunity at the YMCA

We want you as a new recruit! Looking for the next step in your career, in a job where you can make a difference? Do you have a passion for helping people to achieve independence and move on with their lives?  

As a Skills4 Coach you will deliver support to residents in our North and South women’s refuge projects to develop competencies in effective parenting, independent living and employability. Working in a trauma informed way, you will support the development of skills that will help parents to repair fractured relationships with their children that have resulted from the abuse, in order to improve the children’s chances of living a healthy, fulfilling life and improve parental wellbeing.

You will deliver workshops and training programmes that develop the skills needed to be able to resettle into independent living in the community and to enhance financial independence, and in consultation with residents, develop a range of in-house and community based participation opportunities for clients and families to engage with. You will liaise with the Skills4 Coach (Children) to ensure that interventions are acting effectively to improve outcomes for both the parent and the child.

The role is part time and will be based equally between each refuge project.

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MAR 2019 - Parenting & Life Skills Coach (Domestic Abuse)

YMCA-HR-017-84 - JD - Parenting & Life Skills Coach (Domestic Abuse)

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