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Awareness Briefings

We offer awareness briefings free of charge and will present to small team briefings or at large scale events and conferences. Our briefings can be tailored to suit organisational needs and can range from twenty minutes to an hour long. We offer extensive question and answer opportunities at the end.

Our briefings we currently offer are:

MARAC awareness

Presented by the Domestic Abuse Officer, this briefing gives an insight into domestic abuse, the MARAC process and how to make referrals into MARAC.

Domestic Abuse Champions

Delivered by the Domestic Abuse Officer who manages the scheme, this briefing gives a history and understanding as to why we have a domestic abuse champion scheme, how the scheme operates across Bedfordshire and what is required to become a champion.


To find out more about our briefings or request a briefing then contact us on bdap@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk

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