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Call for inquiry into abusive parents’ access to children

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Women have spoken to the Victoria Derbyshire programme and over 120 MPS have written to the government asking for an inquiry into how family courts consider survivors of domestic abuse and their children.

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Mental Health Awareness Week 13th – 19th May 2019


This week awareness is being raised about how we see our bodies and how body image can affect us all.

Click on the image above to hear a poem about body image by Priscila Hernadez.



Both the websites above offer more information about Mental Health and out Get Help pages gives details of organisations that offer support.






UK press regulators support Level Up’s new guidelines on how domestic abuse deaths are reported.

“Every week in the UK, two women are murdered

by a partner or ex-partner.” *

(*Office for National Statistics, 2016)

Level Up's Guidelines have been shared by the Independent Press Standards Organisation and the Royal Charter-backed Impress, via their websites. This has been welcomed by experts and victims’ families, such as Luke and Ryan Hart, whose mother and sister were killed by their father in 2016.

The Guidelines ask that reporting of deaths because of domestic violence considers the following:

*Accountability - place the responsibility on the person responsible

*Accuracy - name the crime as domestic violence

*Dignity - Avoid language which compromises the dignity of the dead woman

*Equality - Avoid insensitive or trivialising language or images.

*Images - Avoid using images that reinforce the myth that domestic abuse is just a physical crime.


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'Upskirting' is now an offence in England and Wales

What is 'upskirting'


The practice involves taking a photograph of another person, without their knowledge or permission; the photograph is taken through the person's clothing - hence 'upskirting' with the objective of viewing the person's genitals or buttocks.

Click on the link below for more information about your rights if you are a victim of this practice.


To read more about Gina Martin's campaign to have this recognised in law please click on the image below








Luton All Women’s Centre Job Opportunity

Counselling Service Manager required at LAWC.

For more information about this interesting post please click on the image above; if you click on the link within the page you download, you will see how you can apply; but hurry the deadline for applications is 12 noon on 23rd April 2019.

Good luck!

Job Opportunity at the YMCA

We want you as a new recruit! Looking for the next step in your career, in a job where you can make a difference? Do you have a passion for helping people to achieve independence and move on with their lives?  

As a Skills4 Coach you will deliver support to residents in our North and South women’s refuge projects to develop competencies in effective parenting, independent living and employability. Working in a trauma informed way, you will support the development of skills that will help parents to repair fractured relationships with their children that have resulted from the abuse, in order to improve the children’s chances of living a healthy, fulfilling life and improve parental wellbeing.

You will deliver workshops and training programmes that develop the skills needed to be able to resettle into independent living in the community and to enhance financial independence, and in consultation with residents, develop a range of in-house and community based participation opportunities for clients and families to engage with. You will liaise with the Skills4 Coach (Children) to ensure that interventions are acting effectively to improve outcomes for both the parent and the child.

The role is part time and will be based equally between each refuge project.

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MAR 2019 - Parenting & Life Skills Coach (Domestic Abuse)

YMCA-HR-017-84 - JD - Parenting & Life Skills Coach (Domestic Abuse)

How to leave an abusive relationship

This 30 minute documentary describes the dangers and the issues that women leaving abusive relationships face.

It offers a guide to how a survivor of domestic abuse/violence can plan to leave a relationships and the reality of the challenges that this decision can bring.

If you are in an abusive relationship or you are unsure about how safe your relationship is, watch it; as long as it is safe for you to do so.

The programme contains advice from an IDVA, a therapist, a refuge manager, a GP, a specialist police officer and a victim support manager.

Please call the Police on 999 if you are at risk of immediate danger.

Or for information about options available to you call the
24-hour National Domestic Violence
Freephone Helpline 0808 2000 247

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Please keep yourself safe


Refuge Valentine’s Day poem

Valentine's Day Poem

My lover, my husband

Please take the time to read this poem and then read it from the bottom to the top; the poem was created for Refuge by advertising agency McCann Bristol,
It is a chilling reminder of how controlling behaviour and violence can manifest itself.



Freephone 24-Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline: 0808 2000 247

If you at risk of immediate harm please call the Police on 999


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