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Freedom Project

Dogs Trust’s Freedom Project is a dog fostering service for people who are fleeing domestic abuse; recently it has opened to women fleeing abuse in Bedfordshire.

Dog's Trust know owning a pet can often be a barrier to fleeing domestic abuse and accessing refuge/emergency accommodation, so they offer free dog fostering until pets and survivors can be reunited. The Freedom Project is a specialist, confidential service and we are a female only team. This service is free to access, Dogs Trust covers the cost of veterinary treatment, food and any equipment that the dog may need whilst they are in foster care. They are able to offer fostering placements for 6-9 months and hope that pets and their owners can be reunited within this time. Dogs are placed directly into volunteer foster homes with experienced volunteer foster carers, who provide them with lots of love and care until they can reunited with their owner. The project is kept completely confidential, so unfortunately owners aren’t able to visit their dogs, however we do send them monthly updates and pictures of how their pets are getting along.

 We are able to consider referrals from people accessing refuge or temporary accommodation in these areas in immediately.

For more information please click on the logo below to visit the website and to see how to you can access the service.

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