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Our vision is a society which values older people and one in which they and other adults can live free from abuse perpetrated by those in whom they have an expectation of trust.  Where such abuse occurs, we seek an environment in which it can be identified and addressed. We want to facilitate actions and create circumstances that prevent abuse.  It is better to prevent abusive situations than to intervene afterward to protect; But we also want to encourage timely and effective intervention to protect when abuse occurs.  The circumstances of abuse often mean that the impact is profound and opportunities for intervention are limited; We want to increase awareness of abuse at an individual and societal level.  By doing so we increase the ability of people to recognise, identify and take action against elder abuse; We also want to increase the awareness of abuse of all those working with or having a responsibility for adults at risk of abuse.  By doing so we increase the ability of practitioners and others to respond appropriately to circumstances of abuse;

Geographical area service covers

The service covers the entire UK with different web entries depending on where you are within the UK e.g. England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland

Who is the service for?

The service is for all people who would identify as being 'older'

Referral routes into service (professionals, self)

Self referral or via a concerned third party

Risk level you support


Other relevant information

Older people can be subject to domestic abuse either from an intimate partner or family member. Abusers very often exploit the fact that someone may be (or feel) isolated. They can encourage, emphasise or create dependency in someone in order to exploit that feeling to their own advantage, and they can ridicule or dismiss your suspicions as a means of stopping you investigating. Very often, they will rely on someone not disclosing, or the natural disbelief that many people hold when considering elder abuse, in order to keep on abusing.

It is important therefore to protect yourself if you are an older person, and sometimes that can be very simple. It is also important that neighbours, friends, families and practitioners are alert to the possibility of abuse – and are therefore ready to act on concerns or suspicions.

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