Dogs Trust Freedom Project

A dog fostering service for people fleeing DA and going into refuge. Dogs Trust offers a solution by providing free and confidential foster care, enabling the owner to access a refuge without the fear of what may happen to their dog if they’re left behind.

This service is free to access, Dogs Trust covers the cost of veterinary treatment, food and any equipment that the dog may need whilst they are in foster care. They are able to offer fostering placements for 6-9 months in the hope that pets can be reunited with their owners within this time. Dogs are placed directly into volunteer foster homes with experienced volunteer foster carers, who provide them with lots of love and care until they can reunited with their owner.

Geographical area service covers

Across the UK

Who is the service for?

Women fleeing and unable to take their pet dog

Referral routes into service (professionals, self)

Self referral

Risk level you support

Other relevant information