Luton’s All Women’s Centre

Luton’s All Women Centre is run for women by women. They provide a safe and accessible woman only environment, a resource centre allowing easy access to all the services available for women.  The Centre is a focal point for women’s issues, campaigns and have a range of cultural, educational and recreational activities on offer.

Luton’s All Women Centre can help women who are suffering or have survived forced marriages, honour based crime and domestic abuse. They offer support groups and counselling services.

Geographical area service covers

Luton and Bedfordshire

Who is the service for?

Women aged 18+ affected by domestic abuse, other trauma, mental health etc.

Referral routes into service (professionals, self)

Professionals can self refer via a referral form. Women can self refer.

Risk level you support

Medium to low risk

Other relevant information

The Luton All Women’s Centre is run by women for women.

The range of services that we offer includes:

  • Domestic Abuse
  • Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence Programme
  • Counselling Service
  • Mental Health
  • Solicitor’s Appointments