Training and Events

The Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership can provide you with information on a wide range of training courses and professional events for both statutory and voluntary organisations.


Awareness Briefings

Presented by the Specialist Domestic Abuse Office, this briefing gives an insight into dealing with the complexities of domestic abuse and the role your agency has in keeping those who have been impacted as safe as possible. We offer awareness briefings free of charge and are happy to come in and speak with you and your team at team meetings offering a more informal opportunity to discuss concerns and spend time answering your team’s questions.  The briefing also include information on Domestic Abuse strategy and services available locally and nationally.


MARAC awareness

Presented by the Specialist Domestic Abuse Officer, this briefing also gives an insight into managing the complexities of domestic abuse, how the MARAC process works, and how to make referrals into MARAC.


Training Information

You can find information on our Domestic Abuse training programme here;



We can provide you with information on Local Authority training programmes in Central Bedfordshire, Bedford Borough and Luton Council. Please get in touch with us at Bdap.training@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk


Professional Events

We also hold professional events throughout the year offering the opportunity to hear a range of speakers on current research and updates in legislation. These events encourage open discussions about the challenges faced across the statutory and voluntary sectors, they are an excellent platform for sharing best practice and networking with colleagues from across the sector.


If you have any queries about our professional events or would like any further information about training opportunities for your organisation please contact us at BDAP.training@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk


Future Training and Events

15 Nov 2018
Domestic Abuse and LGBT Community
20 Nov 2018
Seminar: Understanding the Impact of Sexual Trauma
04 Dec 2018
Engaging with Perpetrators
15 Jan 2019
Domestic Abuse Awareness
24 Jan 2019
Domestic Abuse and LGBT Community
19 Feb 2019
Domestic Abuse – Advanced
06 Mar 2019
Domestic Abuse in the Digital World
25 Apr 2019
Engaging with Perpetrators
15 May 2019
Domestic Abuse Awareness
05 Jun 2019
Domestic Abuse – Advanced
11 Jun 2019
Domestic Abuse and LGBT Community
24 Jun 2019
Engaging with Perpetrators
25 Jun 2019
Perpetrators – Moving Towards Change
26 Jun 2019
Perpetrators – Moving Towards Change (Session 2)

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