Domestic Abuse Helpline

24 hour domestic abuse helpline

Domestic Abuse Responders Scheme

What is the Domestic Abuse Responders Scheme?

The Domestic Abuse Responders Scheme (DA Responders) is for professionals who are working with Central Bedfordshire residents.

The aim of the DA Responders scheme is to ensure that in each front line service there is at least one member of the team who has received training in domestic abuse, and who has a good knowledge of services and support available for those affected by domestic abuse.

What is a Domestic Abuse Responder?

A Domestic Abuse Responder is the lead for domestic abuse issues within their agency or team. They will be able to advise their colleagues and ensure that their team are aware of local and national support services and resources.
The Domestic Abuse Responders will have access to a network of other Domestic Abuse Responders who can assist in supporting, helping and advising anyone who is or who knows someone who is experiencing domestic abuse either personally or professionally.

How to become a Domestic Abuse Responder

If you are working with Central Bedfordshire residents and would like to enquire about becoming a DA Responder, please contact us at