Supportive Apps

There are a range of apps available for devices which can help to log evidence and offer protection to those experiencing domestic abuse. Organisations also offer advice and support on using the internet and devices as safely as possible and what to be aware of with your technology (see here for more information on staying safe online).


All apps listed below should be available from your devices App Store.

  • Hollie Guard personal safety app developed by the Hollie Gazzard Trust. Allows users to gather evidence and send alerts to friends/family members, amongst other functions. Some features need to be paid for to access –
  • Bright Sky support app developed by Hestia provides practical support and information on domestic abuse and how to respond to it - 
  • Stay Alive mental health support app is a pocket suicide prevention resource for those experiencing suicidal thoughts or those concerned for someone else. More information is available here
  • What3words provides an exact location code for a 3 metre square area, which enables more accuracy in finding  location.
  • WEPROTECT app developed by Domestic Abuse Alliance, allows referrals from services to appropriate legal support and intervention for those experiencing domestic abuse – 
  • MyNARA is a personal recovery guide app with some paid for features, this app talks a lot about narcissists and narcissistic abuse rather than domestic abuse, however it allows users access to safety advice and allows storage of evidence -
  • TapSOS is a non-verbal way to communicate with the Emergency Services, app users can tap which service they require (ambulance, fire, police or coast guard) and the app connects to an emergency call handler. More information is available at
  • Flare allows users to report anonymously report incidents or threatening behaviour in three simple steps. More information is available at the Safer Streets website.

Care should be taken when downloading any of these apps to a device that this does not increase risk to the person experiencing domestic abuse (for example if the app is seen). Please only download any of the above apps if it is safe to do so and you are sure your device is not being monitored.