Domestic Abuse Helpline

24 hour domestic abuse helpline

Domestic Abuse & Work

Every year in the UK at least 3 million women experience violence.
•Domestic abuse currently costs UK businesses over £1.9 billion a year.
•75% of women that experience domestic abuse are targeted at work – receiving harassing phone calls themselves or colleagues receiving unwanted contact asking questions about the victim. Abusive partners coming to the premises unannounced, or physical to physical assaults.

For some survivors/victims of domestic abuse, work can be a place where they can feel safe, where they can be themselves and can work effectively.. However, with more of us working from home or having lost jobs, or being furloughed  the opportunity that being able to feel safe at work is being reduced.

But there are many days lost each year because of time off because of domestic abuse, often the time is taken as annual leave or sickness as victims/survivors do not feel confident to tell their employers that they are experiencing domestic abuse.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, please talk to someone that you trust or cal one of the support services listed in the Get Help sectio of this website. The National Domestic Abuse Helpline, 0808 2000 247, can be contacted 24/7 and the on the website  you can find how to contact them via a chat or email facility.

Employers information - Hestia offers information about support in the workplace for those experiencing domestic abuse. More information can be found here

SafeLives has produced some guidance here

There is some further guidance on keeping employees safe at home, if working from home, here

SafeLives Responding to Colleagues Experiencing Domestic Abuse