Domestic Abuse & Work

Domestic abuse affects all aspects of someone's life, including their working life:

  • In the year ending March 2023, the Crime Survey for England and Wales estimated that 2.1 million people aged 16 years and over (1.4 million women and 751,000 men) experienced domestic abuse
  • Government reporting for the year ending March 2017 suggested that the cost of domestic abuse in England and Wales was approximately £66 billion
  • SafeLives report that more than 80% of people experiencing domestic abuse find it hard to engage in work and may be absent for periods of time, with many suffering from anxiety and mental health problems
  • For more than 10%, the abuse follows them into the workplace, whether through threatening messages, stalking – or the perpetrator physically coming to the victim’s place of work


For some people experiencing domestic abuse, work can be a place where they can feel safe, where they can be themselves and can work effectively. However, with more of us working from home, the opportunity to feel safe at work is being reduced. However some people experiencing domestic abuse may feel unable to tell their employer or colleagues what is happening.


SafeLives have produced Responding to colleagues experiencing domestic abuse: Practical guidance for line managers, Human Resources and Employee Assistance Programmes. This resource offers advice on how to support someone who discloses domestic abuse

The Prince's Responsible Business Network

The Prince's Responsible Business Network have published 'Domestic Abuse: a toolkit for employers' as a resource that can be downloaded


Hestia have produced a list of recommendations for businesses as to how to support their employees and colleagues

Employees Working from Home

SafeLives have produced When Home is Not a Safe Place. This briefing note suggests ways employees can be supported if they work from home, it was produced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic but the advice within it applies to any employee who is still working from home and may be experiencing domestic abuse