Bridge House is supported accommodation for expectant mothers, mothers with up to 2 children under the age of 10 years old as well as single women aiming to have guardianship of their children. They are a service designed to support women to move onto independent living with confidence. They are a safe and stable environment which works on an individualised approach so that both the mother and child/children can thrive in their future.

They are able to assist individuals from basic interventions and guidance around resettlement and gaining or sustaining independent living. They assist with a range of situations such as: safety in the home, parenting skills, family wellbeing, mental health, offending or ex-offending, substance misuse and domestic abuse/violence. Their service gives families the chance to focus on a fresh start as well as their future. They will support the families with their aspirations & dreams, so they are able to maintain and sustain their independence when they gain their independence within the community.

Also at Bridge House they have an activities co-ordinator and early years practitioner to support the children and the mothers.

Referral form.

Geographical area service covers

Luton. However women fleeing domestic abuse do not need to have local connections

Who is the service for?

Expectant mothers and women with children

Referral routes into service (professionals, self)

Self-referral or via a professional

Risk level you support

Low to medium however any referral can be assessed.

Other relevant information