The Rebuild Programme is a 12-week group programme looking at relationships. This has now replaced the Freedom Programme in Central Bedfordshire.

It’s designed for women living with domestic abuse in Central Bedfordshire, and will explore various topics including:

  • what healthy relationships look like
  • conflict in relationships
  • the dynamics of domestic abuse
  • the impact of domestic abuse on relationships

The bespoke programme runs from our children’s centres (including online programmes) and will be hosted by trained facilitators.

At the end of the 12 weeks, women will be able to have a one-to one session with their programme facilitator and make a plan for their future. This could include referrals into therapeutic or more specialised support services, or recommendations for further programmes.

Experts from children’s services developed the Rebuild Programme in partnership with HomeStart Bedfordshire. We also asked a range of partners and a small group of experts with experience for their thoughts as we developed the programme.

Please note: the referral form is the universal Children’s Services form and women who wish to attend Rebuild DO NOT need to have children. Please enter N/A in the children’s details fields or contact your local children’s centre with any queries.

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Central Bedfordshire

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