Victims Commissioner

The Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales is dedicated to improving how the criminal justice system works for all victims and witnesses.

The role of the Victims’ Commissioner is to:

  • raise awareness of the common issues faced by victims and witnesses
  • monitor how criminal justice and victim support agencies comply with the Victims’ Code and Witness Charter
  • conduct detailed research and produce comprehensive reviews
  • use their independent voice to influence national policy-making and hold partner agencies to account
  • speak up about what works best for all victims and witnesses, and especially the most vulnerable

Every victim has a different experience of the criminal justice system. Your individual journey depends on the nature of the crime, the outcome of the police investigation and local differences in victim services.

Please be aware that the Victims’ Commissioner can’t champion individual cases or challenge criminal justice agencies to make different decisions. However, they’re there to listen if you’re willing to tell them what went wrong. Your experience can help them campaign for better services for victims.

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Signposting service for anyone who has been a victim of crime

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