IMPAKT Housing & Support

IMPAKT began delivering women’s refuge services in 2016, housing women escaping abuse, with or without dependent children, in twenty-two self-contained 1 & 2 bedroom flats across two projects.

The accommodation provides a safe place for women and their children to recover from trauma and rebuild their lives. Often the abuse will have been endured over many years and experienced staff provide emotional and practical support to empower women and children to plan for a better future, building the confidence, community networks, skills and resilience they need to enable them to resettle independently.

Communal areas in both projects are used to deliver a range of innovative activities and workshops for both women and children, encouraging them to recognise their individual strengths and improve wellbeing. These sessions along with fun excursions are facilitated by a dedicated, skilled team of housing, children and family coaches.

To preserve a safe environment, the location of the refuge is not disclosed until the point of access.

Geographical area service covers

Central Bedfordshire

Who is the service for?

Women over 16 who have experienced or are experiencing incidents of domestic abuse and/or sexual violence, and require safe and secure short-term accommodation

Referral routes into service (professionals, self)

Professional, Inter-agency and Self referral - Professionals can complete the referral form and send to our internal email address that is specifically for referrals. We do ask for professionals to complete as many details as possible.

Risk level you support

Low, medium and high

Other relevant information