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The Central Bedfordshire refuges provide 22 self-contained flats across 2 services. In addition to the Support Coordinators and Support Staff we have a Children’s worker and Family Learning Coordinator who provides additional support to all children and service users in the refuge. YMCA are the lead contract holders and work closely with Aragon Housing who are the Landlord of the services and provide a Supported Housing Officer to address the accommodation needs of the clients. Each client signs a Licence Agreement on move into the service that clearly sets out the responsibilities of both the client, Aragon and YMCA alongside other documents such as House Rules. All staff employed within the service maybe male or female. Staff work flexibly between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday .There is also an on call system available outside of the service core hours for client’s to access in an emergency. Customer focus is one of our key values and there are a number of ways for clients to be involved in the way the services are run. All clients are attend regular house meetings and coffee mornings, which provide an opportunity to discuss ways for clients to influence how the service is managed and delivered

Geographical area service covers


Who is the service for?

Women over 16 who have experienced or are experiencing incidents of domestic abuse and/or sexual violence, and require safe and secure short-term accommodation

Referral routes into service (professionals, self)

Professional, Inter-agency and Self

Risk level you support

Low, medium and high

Other relevant information

Professionals can complete the referral form and send to our internal email address that is specifically for referrals. We do ask for professionals to complete as many details as possible.


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